Around The World"s Kitchens Part 1

Some beautiful items are handmade every day in places around the world. Small shops that aren't "big business" brands make some of the most beautiful things! Maybe we travel and bring these things back, and one day they are handed down and treasured by future generations. 

Upon searching thrift stores for my props, sometimes I find beautifully unique and handmade know, the kind that don't have a company name printed on them, but someone's last name instead. 

Most just have the name of a country, and having a piece of that country's culture gives my kitchen collection an eclectic feel.

Over time, I have taken some photos of them, and wanted to share a few of them with you. I have more, so later in the month, I will share the rest:)

Feel free to pin, share and comment..I would love to hear your feedback.