Newborn Photography: Allison

Those of you who follow me on Facebook already know our newest beauty was born!

 Finding a name for her that my husband and I could agree on was the hardest part. After much deliberation, her name is Allison Ruth, and she was 7 lb. 12 oz.

We are so happy to have her home and she is settling in to life with two big sisters very well. They love her so much!

I have been using these first days to recover and also snuggle her so much, taking as many pictures of her and her sisters as I can. 

Thank you to Ten22 Studio for giving me a little lesson in newborn handling and staging one morning...this genre is really a joy to try.  So far, I know my style for newborn photography is like my food photography: simple, natural with not a lot of gimmicks.

These are in order as she has aged over these 10 days, and it is amazing to see how she has changed so much in such a short amount of time.