Nostalgia: Vintage School Supplies, Still life Photography

As a kid, I will never forget how the school supply lists for each school were given to the grocery stores that conveniently had bag of the supplies pre made for parents to just pick up. My mom would go to the store, find my school's bag, and bring it home. Oftentimes, she'd hide it in her room until school started because she knew I would get into it. New paper, markers, pens and pencils were all sitting in that white plastic bag just waiting to be used.

I have a love for school supplies, and every summer when stores start stocking up, I can always find a reason to buy more Sharpies or paper. It is so hard to hold back.

This school year is especially meaningful to me, as my oldest child is starting Kindergarten. Her first year of school, her first pencils and notebooks, I love it all.

Yesterday she had her first show and tell. I remember those days well...and of course, the school supplies.

school suppliesvintage school suppliesvintage school supplies

Thank you to Green Table Gifts for letting me use their globe! If you ever need a unique or vintage-feeling "something", I love that store.




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