Why Hire A Professional Photographer

The decision to hire a professional photographer is a big one that most of us encounter for a variety of reasons. Whether you need images for a family event, or your business, I urge everyone to consider hiring someone who has devoted time to learning this skill.

To the business owners...

As a business owner, it can be hard to manage the costs of goods, supplies, time and THEN tack on the cost of a photographer on top of it all. Truthfully, you might just not be interested in hiring a "professional photographer". Pictures of newborns, family events, or the items being offered to customers are all important to different people at different times, but they all deserve to be memorable and cause an emotion.



why hire a photographer




Budget-minded people often think they can get their sister to snap a few shots with a "fancy camera" and have it all come out right. The baker down the street thinks they can whip up some plates and photograph them in between waiting tables. Let's double think these ideas and contemplate the following reasons why you may just want to hire the professional photographer.

Disclaimer: I am not saying a baker can't be a photographer, etc...just realize there are perks to hiring out a job that you may not have considered.


For instance:

1)Your time may be worth more than a photographer costs.

I don't know a single photographer who styles a shoot, works with models or vendors, or edits images that doesn't say at the end of it all: "Wow, that was a lot of work!"

If you don't have a lot of extra time, or your time is very precious to you, hire a photographer you trust and admire to do the job for you. While you take the time to complete your administrative duties, let someone else manage your photography needs. In the restaurant/ETSY/Pinterest world, images are the first thing people will see to recognize your brand, quality and message.  The photographers have already invested the time to learn and hone this skill, know what works vs. what doesn't work, and have invested in equipment specifically for this purpose.

hiring a photographer


2)  Photographers have made the investment.

Have you ever been to a salon where more immature stylists may be $30 for a cut/wash, and the more elite stylists were $80 for a cut/wash? The experience of the professional is worth the added cost. This is just an example, but remember that the photographer has worked a while to perfect the skills specific to their style of photography. Newborn photographers photograph MANY newborns before learning their style. Food photographers practice with many types of food in many types of light to learn how to stage and prep a plate.

They have special tax-professionals, branding, and tools like Photoshop and tripods...things you may not want to buy. They have spent hours in workshops learning and testing their style.

It is disappointing to go to a handmade shop and hear someone say "I can make that cheaper." Well, once you buy the 10 tools needed to make it, mess up on your first try and spend time starting again, you will realize it would have been easier to just support an artist with the $20 cost.

The investment in a photographer is also an investment in an advocate.

I know that I connect with every business I work with, and advocate for them even after our session is over. I share the images, talk about them, tag them and promote them anytime I can. You may be spending money on a service, but you get an advocate and cheerleader also!

hiring a photographer



3) Photographers have connections you don't have

Photographers know other photographers and are members of forums where they can go and find help if they have a specific question. More than Google, these photographers can relate to each other and have "been there" before. Photographers know the great locations, have the props and lenses to get the look you are going for. If they don't, they know where to get it.

Being a CM Pro, I have a variety of resources at my fingertips, mentors I can gain knowledge from anytime, and also avenues for promoting your business after our session is done.


4) You can support another small business/family

Realize your support of a photographer is doing more than just pay for images...you are helping a family...you are helping a small business stay afloat. Photographers are people who make mistakes just like anyone else. The key is to find a photographer you can talk to and work with, leading both of you being happy with the results.




Being a food and products/ still photographer, I can say, if you have a business selling goods and/or food, ask yourself if your images are:

1) up to par and up to date 2) fit with your brand 3) attract the customers you want

If you feel like you need to make a change and hire someone with more experience, bite the bullet and DO IT!