A Little Back-story; Get to Know LifeCreated

I realize that I don't get too personal on Facebook...and sometimes you see peeks of my life on Instagram, but not many people know me. Don't feel bad. Even people in the real world barely know me because I am usually holed up at home or the play area at the mall with my 3 beauties.



I can't believe those photos are almost a year old already! Time to get some more done ASAP.

What you may not be able to tell from that photo, was that we were going crazy at that time. We had only been parents of 3 for six weeks, and I had saved a whole year and planned that session mentally so well in my mind for so long. The kids acted so nuts...I didn't feel like wearing anything but a muumuu, and I really did make my husband grow facial hair for a few days before because I think he's so handsome with it.

In real life, I am a mom and wife.  A year later, I can still say I am little crazy.


We moved to Arizona 4 years ago on the wings of the US Marine Corps who {I swear} took a map on a wall and threw a dart at it to determine where to send us. Our oldest daughter had just turned 1 and was our world. After 11 months of deployment in Iraq + recruiting school, my husband and I were thrown into a new city and not knowing anyone at all. Adjusting to life as parents was a whirlwind. I had Noel while he was deployed- he had the joy of hearing her first cry through my junky Samsung flip phone. I will never forget that red phone... I lived with it by my side those days.

After 9 years serving, we left the USMC and I began considering taking photography and making it more than a hobby.

My blog had been mostly about crafting and a few food posts now and then. I made custom wedding invitations, and photographed them for my ETSY shop and noticed I had a passion for it. As our daughters were born, I naturally found photography to be the one thing I could do in a nap time... and I could do it my way. I set up some wood planks on my patio and photographed sugar cookies and fruit...that was the start. There were no kids to chase, and no location to drive to. I had my wood planks and a plate of food...that's all I needed.

Jump ahead a few years and I have made LifeCreated an official business. Of course, there are many things I am still growing at and trying, but my message stays the same: Your art is YOUR art.  I truly love photographing many things and spread the message that all life was created with a purpose. You and your talents are on purpose and have purpose.

life created

Day to day

  • I rarely wear make up and don't style my hair often...since it lives 99% of the time as a bun on my head in the AZ heat.
  • I am pretty picky about what my kids eat, but I take any chance I can get to eat cakes and cannolis. Yum!
  • It may seem like I have a plethora of photography-related gear and a gourmet kitchen with shelves of vintage props, when it's really just a collection scattered in more places than I'd care to admit around my house. My house has the same Formica counters its had for the past 17 years and the fanciest appliance I have is a Kitchen Aid mixer my husband got me 8 years ago. Its pink..I love it.
  • My favorite color is yellow, and I LOVE going to vintage shops and local farms.
  • I love my family more than anything

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