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I can't contain my happiness for the colder months that are upon us here in Arizona. This heat will soon be subsiding and I can enjoy taking photos outdoors again. Welcome to the blog, if you are new! Feel free to go back through older posts to learn more about me, but I am excited to share what will be happening in the month of September!

THE biggest thing is the Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market in Scottsdale. I will be selling some of my food prints and still life/vintage-related prints and hope to meet a lot of new faces!

Last time I did this event, it was huge and I am expecting this one to be big too. If you stop by my booth, definitely check out The Willow Project frame I will have hanging, and sign up for a food photography workshop too!

photography workshops

Writing comes a tad harder for me than taking pictures. I have a lot of ideas of things I like to say, but I can't make them come out beautifully like so many other bloggers. This month I am being featured in Mozi Magazine and Lemonade and Lenses Magazine. I am blessed by the chance to share my interests with their readers.

I enjoy writing about how our photography can be passion-driven...and images can tell different stories to different people. When styling images, I try to pick one "stand-out" item and work around it. Playing with the light, a shoot can be as short or as long as I want.

I have a passion for all things food photography and handmade. I appreciate everyone who comes by my blog and chats via social media...I love it!

There are several lovely blogs I like a lot...and here are two I hope you will visit!

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Check them out sometime and show them the love. These ladies really do write inspirational and love-filled posts. They are very talented ladies!