Priorities and Memory Keeping

So many times during the day, we spend time doing things that won't have a lasting effect on our lives.When it comes to memory keeping, it really is just about priorities and finding value in the every day happenings.... When I asked some friends why they don't write down memories or do a scrapbook, they said:

1)no time

2) don't want to spend money

3)There are other important things to be doing

I hear you. I know the feeling of a non-existent budget and non-existent "down time".


Start small..even just once a week, writing down the memorable moments of the week. Don't rely on technology Β to keep these memories for you on hard drives.

Start cheap...get a 50 cent pack of lined note cards from the grocery store. Every night, few days or week, pull one out and write a date and a memory. Get a notebook for $1 if you aren't interested in cards.

Start evaluating... When you have a choice to sit and stare at Pinterest or the TV, take 5 minutes and journal. Journal anything! Evaluate where you spend your time.


I like using 3x4 cards because they can be thrown into pocket pages from Hobby Lobby and my kids and I can flip through the binders together and remember fun times and laugh together again.

I admit I am behind and somewhat don't have to be perfect or spend a lot of money. Here is a glimpse of 2 pages I recently threw together in a few minutes...I love capturing memories for my kids.

memory keeping