It Takes A Village; Running a Business With Help

When you start running the ideas through your mind about possibly..... maybe one day........hoping to own your own business or writing your own blog, your mind cannot comprehend the twists, turns, and hands that will one day guide you down that road. These outside resources may be other small businesses, and people who you will call on from time to time to "pull through" and be there with a helping hand. I know that before I started trying to run a business, I thought it'd be a one-woman show and I didn't need anyone else's help. Boy, was I wrong. valentines shoot

Before I had any photography business goals,ย I had ideas. I am a big dreamer and always think of the next thing I could be learning or doing. My husband loves that I leave one project almost done when I decide to start another :)

It took a favorite local photographer to give me advice on buying a "nifty fifty" lens and flip that switch from auto to manual mode. She taught me what RAW images were, and what in the world a F-stop was. I still remember my first emails to her...wondering what all the numbers meant.

And the lady at the help desk in the city office that took the time to explain to me the way to fill out the monthly tax forms. You'd think with a college degree I would know what numbers went where, but I am telling you- it takes a few months to get it.

My "village" of help is constantly led by my husband who corrals my 3 daughters under the age of five to random places when I have a mentoring session or workshop. He can look at my pictures and tell me when they aren't so good. He also puts up with my love of plates, chairs and visits to the antique stores where we bring along many snacks. I am lucky he says "let's go this way, while mama looks over there". I get to concentrate and imagine shots like this for just a minute...

Vintage spoons

I will be honest, friends are hard to come by here in Arizona. Those times you have those friends that will model for you, let their kids model for you, lend you props/shop for props or open their homes for you to have a photo It is great to have a village made of friends like that. Thanks to those of you who obliged and gave your time and busy schedule to accommodate know who you are.

The bloggers who ask me to help them on shoots....thank you. The friends that purchase prints or come by for support at the shows and markets...thank you.

In the early days, it takes some good people to believe in your talent just a little.ย Your village may have people that share your Facebook page or mention your name to a friend who passes it on again. Pass it on.

Running a small business does take a village of supporters and it doesn't necessarily have to be strictly financial. I know my village will always be growing, and I can't wait to see who else I can support in 2015.