Today I Am Grateful For...

I am making personal effort to find things I am grateful for on a regular basis. It's crazy how when you make the effort to think about gratefulness, you realize how many blessings are around every corner. This weekend I had the chance to have a one-on-one date with my middle daughter (Hope,3 ). We went on a donut shop date and she wore her pjs. It was so fun.


We ate yummy donuts and she giggled..I noted her little curls and cute smile. She sipped her apple juice, and on the way out of the shop, a man with a backpack stopped and asked us if we had any money to spare. Unfortunately I rarely carry cash, so I said I didn't have any. However, if he needed food I could go in and buy him something. He declined saying he was trying to get money for a hotel room.

I don't know his story, and I don't know what happened after we left, but last night that meeting crossed my mind as I slipped into bed. The sheets felt unusually comfortable. My house was so warm I had shut the heat off. My hair was still wet from the hot shower I just came out of. I had just left my kids rooms after going to kiss them while they were sleeping.

Today I am grateful for all of those things and more. The doughnut dates...and the chance to share stories like these with you. Sometimes I get stuck in the rut of "I wish I had...", but reminding myself of the things I am grateful for helps put things into perspective.

I am grateful my husband lets me sleep in now and then...and takes the kids when I need to work on a project.

I am grateful for running hot water...and a washer and dryer that help me so much.

I am also thankful to the Starbucks man who heard I had screaming kids and decided to give me my drink free...HA!

What are you grateful for today?