Junk N Love District Partnership

If you have a love for all things vintage, antique and handmade, you may have already heard of the JunkNLove District in Arizona! This directory is the "go-to" place to find the best local home décor shops, indie artisans, markets, fleas and workshops. I have been to many of the shops listed on their website, but still have more to discover...there are so many! junknlove

I am excited to be working with JunkNLove to offer their Network Partners special opportunities to grow their business through the art of photography.  We all know a great picture sells an item much more quickly than a poorly-taken one, and if I can even help one shop with this skill, I am happy!

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I wanted to write this post so that Junk N Love Network Partners are aware of one of the many benefits they receive by listing their business on junknlove.com and I am looking forward to working with many of you to help showcase your business through beautiful photography.

JunkNLove District

Special Offering for junknlove.com Network Partners:

*JunkNLove network partners have the option of hosting a 2 hour "beginning product photography class" in their shop at a discounted rate of $65 per person. This gives vendors and the community a chance to come learn a new skill in your shop at a discounted rate. They go home with tips on taking better product images and knowledge of their camera's functions.


*JunkNLove network partners have the option of hiring me to come in and photograph their shops and the items for them at a discounted rate of $95 for 1 hour. This includes up to 12 images for you to have as promotional material for your store!


*Vendors in JunkNLove partner stores can have their items photographed by me in my studio space at a discounted rate.


*JunkNLove network partners I work with will be shared on my blog and/or social media outlets as well!


For more information on the JunkNLove Partner Network, go check out their site and be sure to check out the new LifeCreated listing  If you are a partner already and have questions, message me and I will be happy to talk to you.

Thanks so much to JunkNLove for allowing me to work with your Creative Community Network!