Waiting To Bloom In Arizona

I have realized in life, at every age, there are waiting periods. Waiting is one of the hardest things we sometimes have to do, and even from an early age, it is a skill that takes persistence to master patience for. Finding peace in the waiting can be so hard, and sometimes we want to rush God's plans for our lives. In college I had plans of what I was going to do, what job I would have and what life would be like one day. Then the Marine Corps happened, a deployment, the birth of our 3 daughters and now we are living in a state I had never planned on ever going to at all. This move found me needing an outlet, so my husband surprised me withย my first camera.

As we approach our 5 year anniversary of moving here, I have realized this is where we are going to be for a while. I have never lived in a place longer than 7 years my entire life, so I have it ingrained in my mind that people aren't "worth" investing in if I am just going to leave again. Churches aren't worth getting attached to, because we will leave and I shouldn't love my house too much since I would have to pick another one eventually.

photographyEven though we have been out of the Marine Corps for almost 3 years, I am just now realizing I can let myself "bloom" here. I have never done that--ever!

I have to admit I find it easy to be negative sometimes, but instead of seeing the negative things about this place, I can focus on the things I do love about it. I am committing to supporting the local businesses I have found, trying harder with the relationships I have and being thankful I can be home with my girls while my husband has a steady job.

Maybe there's a new talent you want to pursue, a place you want to live, job you want to get or relationship you want to start...take the leap and make the commitment to "bloom" wherever you are.

Waiting to give yourself permission to make friends or learn new things is not the easy thing to do, I know. But don't wait or make excuses! You are never to old to try something new, or as I am learning, make new friends too.

As an adult, the "making friends" part is ridiculously hard. I barely want to try anymore, but I have realized I am not alone in that search for meaningful relationships.


This image was the one picture I took during my mentoring session on Friday with some lovely ladies. I am glad this new passion found me almost 5 years ago.