Prosciutto Wrapped Green Onions

One of my mom's favorite, quick side dish/appetizers growing up were prosciutto wrapped green onions. They are perfect for a Fourth of July barbeque or an nice evening dinner with guests. So easy to make, these treats take minutes to prepare and are sure to please! Prosciutto Wrapped Green Onions


sliced prosciutto whipped cream cheese/allouette green onions

1) Wash your green onions and cut off root tips 2) Lay your thinly sliced prosciutto out and decide if you want to use a whole or half slice per green onion (your preference)...if you want to use a half, cut them before adding a dab of your cream cheese spread onto each one. Don't use too much!

3) Wrap your cream cheese prosciutto around your washed green onions and lay flat on a platter for serving. Refrigerate if not being served immediately.