Show Up Today

I sit looking at my calendar realizing that June is already almost over for 2015. I can't believe how fast these days are marked off and the pages flipped for the next consecutive month to come along.

These days pass whether we are happy, sad, pouting, joyful, breaking records, making big bucks or barely able to get out of bed. Some days it is hard to feel creative, or that our work has purpose or is special at all.

Maybe you feel disheartened that no one "sees" you or the hard work you put into your business. You feel like you are working all for nothing...or even second-guessing if you really have talent at all. Search your heart and ask yourself what you love about what you do and why you started. What makes your work YOU, since no matter what other people do, they can't be you.

Start doing more of that.

Realize life goes on with or without your participation, but it is so much better when you do participate and contribute. Show up today.

Make this a great Monday! <3

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