Nurturing Products from Influenster VOXBOX

As I continue to photograph products for small businesses all over the United States, I am always being introduced to new brands and new products that may be beneficial to my family. Luckily, in June I received the chance to work with Influenster and their VoxBox program! I was recently given some new complimentary products in the Nurturing Influenster VoxBox and now I get to share them with you. It is always so fun to get surprise mail, so when the box came, I was not quite sure what I was going to get.

On first opening the mailbox, the bright purple box sparked anticipation. It is always fun to see what new products are people trying, and how was this "nuture box" going to work with my family?

Influenster voxbox

My box had these products inside:

  1. Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen (Sensitive) and Sport Sample
  2. ATTITUDES little ones Detangler Spray 
  3. skinfix Diaper Rash Balm
  4. Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask
  5. Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Easy Fries
  6. Non-Drowsy Dramamine
  7. RedVines (not pictured)
  8. Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask
  9. Uncle Ben’s Rice Coupon
  10. Sample of Amazing Meal: Chocolate InfusionInfluenster VoxBox


You may note that the Red Vines are not pictured, and that is simply because red vines happen to be one of my husband's favorites, and he practically inhaled them as soon as I opened the box.


My eyes went directly to two of the products...the detangler spray and sunscreen. Living in Arizona with 3 little girls means I get my fair share of sun and hairstlying. I have kept these items conveniently in my purse and bathroom, and they definitely live up to the standards I would expect as a parent. We have been using both of these awesome products consistently for the past couple of weeks and love them. My kids also love them!

Influenster VoxBox

My littlest is in diapers, but has not had any diaper rash issues, thankfully, so I haven't been able to use the SkinFix balm yet. However, I appreciate the informative brochure, coupon and loved the product's packaging.

Influenster VoxBox

As for the Dramamine, I have not had a need for it yet, but I do have a trip to Disneyland coming up and may need it then.

The face mask is something I hope to use soon...just the name on the label sounds so rich and luxurious.

This week I will be redeeming the free rice from Uncle Ben's and fries from Oreida. I have a feeling both won't last long since the five of us sure love to eat.


Thank you so much to Influenster for giving me this Nurture VoxBox to try and thank you to the companies for being willing to have customers submit feedback. I loved being included!