Touring The Simple Farmhouse in Scottsdale, AZ

The Simple Farm in Scottsdale is a special place I have talked about and visited many times. If you follow them on social media, you have probably seen their adorable goats running around. The farm is a beautiful place for dinners, workshops, volunteering and offers an array of homegrown foods, and of course, their yummy caramels. The farm's owner, Lylah, graciously invited me to her home to photograph some of the caramel-making process, as well as the interior of her home. I am sharing these images with you, hoping they give you a close kinship-feeling with the family this farm supports.The Simple Farm; farmhouse tour farmhouse tourfarmhouse tourfarmhouse tourfarmhouse tour

Thank you to Lylah for believing in me and letting me into such a private place.

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