February Photography Challenge

Thanks for checking out the #lifestyleddetails February photography challenge that really started last month and was intended to go through 2016! If you saw my post for January, you have an idea of how this is supposed to work. If you are "new", then feel free to jump on in this month!

lifestyled details

I say "was intended" because I am not sure if it will continue on after this month. Sadly, only about 4 people participated in January, so the challenge and growth of everyone with feedback from each other has been very small. Not to sound like a "debbie downer", I do love seeing your entries for each day.

So, we will try again another month and see if it improves.

Some days I wont share mine, but usually I will. Some days I will share on FB, and some days I will share on instagram. No matter what, I will search to find your #lifestyleddetails and leave you love on your shot! The important thing is that you shoot current shots for yourself and grow this year!

Here's the list for February!

1-playing outside


3- reading




9-whats for dinner

10- office supplies

11-smells good


15- something you love

16-where you find rest

17- pink

18- round

19- eggs

22- how you are feeling

23- friends

24- trees

25-at your feet

26- on your desk

29- lemon