Taking The First Step In Business

If I have learned one thing about taking the first step in business, I have learned that there are many "first steps". Maybe it's your first step to filing for a license....that's a scary one because it seems so official and brings great responsibility. The first step of handing out your business card and declaring yourself a "professional" in your field. Wow, that is a scary one too. You think someone might question if you really are one, or ask yourself if you qualify to call yourself one. Self doubt can be a killer, and will hold you back from so many things that could be life-changing opportunities. Attending conferences or experimenting with your style might be daunting things to try, I know.

The first step of showing off your portfolio, or getting up in front of a group of peers and talking...those first steps are terrifying too.

But, taking the first step in business, and life in general, is always the hardest. ย Taking the first step in business

This week I have emailed a few companies, updated some of my social media accounts, submitted my blog for things I never have before, etc. It is always scary to "put yourself out there", ready to be rejected. It isn't unusual to get no reply, or a "We will keep you in mind".

But guess what.

YOU do your thing the best, and when the right person notices it, the wait becomes worth it.

Find a tribe of like-minded supporters who can help you and advocate for you. Those cheerleaders can only help you grow in the long-term.

Decide to GO...send that email, apply for that job. Maybe the no you are expecting will actually be a yes!

Run your business as a trustworthy and reliable professional, and others will be sure to take notice and want to work with you.