Food and Product Photography Workshop

If you are looking for a food and product photography workshop in Arizona, look no further! You don't want to miss the 3 workshops this year, as they will be on-location at various places, and I am happy to say the first one will be held at the Cottage Studios in Chandler, AZ. This location offers a beautiful seating area, kitchen, outdoor space, pergola and natural light studio we can utilize for some styling practice.

The workshop will be limited to 6 seats..maybe 8 if there is demand for it, but I like to keep workshops small for more personal interactions.

This 3 hour workshop is open to anyone wanting to learn beginning photography with a focus on food and product photography + styling. We will be shooting a variety of table-top items indoors and also outdoors.ย Feel free to check out the workshops page for more information, testimonials, or to get your seat!

The workshop is great for anyone beginning to venture into photography, blogging, or owning their own business.

If you have any questions, please contact me anytime. Future workshop dates will be announced in months to come.

Thank you!

food and product photography workshop