Lifestyled Details Photography Challenge: March

I have been loving the photography challenge images I have been following through Instagram this past month! If you are new to the idea of the photography challenge, don't be afraid to jump on in. We are casually practicing our lifestyled details using different prompts throughout the week. I usually have a theme for each week day, and on the weekends we get to break. March will be a little different for me because I will be visiting Texas for a couple of weeks, and also gearing up for my ETSY shop reopening.

All that to say, March is going to be a lighter month with a twist!

lifestyled details

Throughout this month I want to challenge you to take process shots!

What does this mean?

Think of an activity or process that has a beginning, middle and end. Maybe it is cooking a recipe, or building a toy with your kids...or creating something fun outside. Whatever it is, try to tell a story with a series of process shots. Let's try to take a series of 3-5 images and share them all at the end of the month with a story of what we did.

I can't wait to hear your story, and what you learned through taking process images. Have fun, and be ready to jump back in the daily challenge in June!

In the meantime, go to instagram, and search #lifestyleddetails.

Leave some love on everyone's images!