Still Life Photography Challenge in May

I am excited to continue May with those of you who love having a themed photography challenge for still life and food photography! March and April were set aside to practice our process shots. For those who had never tried a process shot, we were aiming to capture either a food, or subject going through some process that had a beginning, middle and end.

How did it go for you?

Process shots are very informative, but can be inconvenient and take up more of your time. It is tricky to be in the middle of a recipe, and have to stop to grab pictures at different stages. I can't wait to see the process shots y'all took!

For the photography challenge, these themes are meant to push us to try new things! They can be photographed anytime this month, so if certain days don't appeal to you, look ahead and prepare for the days you will want to participate. Of course, the more you participate, the more fun it is!

still life photography challenge
still life photography challenge

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For May:

2nd- flower petals

3rd- watermelon

4th- in the moonlight

5th- moment to remember

6th- on your kitchen table

9th- in the window

10th- something orange

11th- grass

12th- chocolate

13th- cutting boards

16th- mason jars

17th- something fluffy

18th- tomatoes

19th- jewelry

20th- pens and pencils

23rd- brick wall

24th- yarn

25th- something green

26th- library

27th- pets

30th- in the sunlight

31st- shadow