Styling Your Own Stock Photography

Stock photography is useful to bloggers and business people needing images that are helpful in sending a universal message to a universal audience. There are many stock image websites out there, and images for purchase are plentiful. Having great images definitely grows a business, and having a stash of your own stock images you use can save you BIG time! You may be wondering, since buying a stock image is so easy nowadays, why bother taking your own.

Below I'd like to share 3 reasons, and then invite you to attend the "Style Your Own Stock Shots" workshop in July!

stock photography
stock photography

    1. Stock images are generalized/generic

Because stock images are so generic, they are useful to many people and brands. That's just it! Any image you buy or can find on Google is like sore thumb, sticking out in your blog post or website. It is often obvious that you didn't take the shot, since it doesn't match your overall style, brand or feels too "staged". Your images you use to represent your business and brand should follow the same tone as the website "feel", and the products you sell. Your social media accounts should be fluid and consistent. Stock images are generic and non-specific, which makes them easy to set up yourself!

2. You can style a shot to be multi-purpose

When you buy a stock shot, you are stuck with it. When you style your own shots, you can stage it how you want, and make it so that one image can serve many purposes. You have more control!

 3. No one else has it!

Why settle for the classic images anyone else can buy? Going back to the generic aspect of things, your services and products are different, and should be represented differently. Anyone can go to Google and buy a shot, but there are ways to style your own that are easy and inexpensive.

Obviously, if you live in Oklahoma, and are needing a picture of a yaht on the beach, you may have issues achieving that look. However, for those of you needing beautiful lifestyle shots in an office, on a desk, white background, outdoors, in the kitchen, etc., those can be done pretty simply.

Consider coming to the "Style Your Own Stock Shots" workshop!

July 22nd, from 4:45 pm-6:30 pm.

10 seats available, non refundable $65

We will discuss the use of stock photography, how to create your own, and then spend an hour staging our own shots! The workshop will be held at the Cottage Studios in Chandler, AZ!

There we will have access to a kitchen, living room, photography studio and outdoor space for capturing out great shots.


Everyone can bring props they'd like to share with the group, and I will also bring my stash that includes:

wood backgrounds, white backgrounds, kitchen items, food items, office supplies, flowers, crafting supplies, and more!

stock photography
stock photography