Coffee Shop Photography Mentoring With Your DSLR

One thing I have enjoyed more than anything living in the Phoenix area, is meeting enthusiastic bloggers, budding photographers and excited business owners. The community here is very welcoming and everyone is up for a meet-up, shoot-out or modeling session. I am afraid to live anywhere else, having to grow myself back from the ground up because calling AZ home for 6 years has been like the first 6 years of a baby's life--very formative.

Many of you are so excited to start your new venture, and you realize the need for beautiful imagery. Whether you shoot people, food, landscapes or flowers...beautiful details tell a story and matter. I love to teach new/budding photographers this.

photography mentoring
photography mentoring

These summer temperatures here in Arizona are just too much to handle when trying to shoot food outside for more than 10 minutes. The sun has a tendency to be really harsh, unless you decide to wait until 7 pm, and that isn't always ideal for us moms who have families wanting dinner and kids to get ready for bedtime.

Starting in August, I will no longer be hosting mentoring sessions in my home studio as I have been before, so I wanted to come up with a more casual and convenient option for those still interested in talking with me about all things styled photography, manual mode, editing or food/product photography.

A coffee shop setting is a great way not to "feel the pressure" of a one-on-one meeting, and we also get to drink/eat and shoot at the same time.

photography mentoring
photography mentoring

These mentoring times will:

-be a one on one opportunity to discover where you are now and where you want to be in your goals

-offer you a chance to discuss your interests, hangups, vision and any questions you may have about what I do

-work on learning your camera, what manual mode settings are and how your style/message changes with different shooting tactics

-eat/drink while we practice shoots lifestyle details around us

-offer you my eBook and private help group online where you can collaborate with others

Please contact me with any questions if you feel your blog or business could use a boost in the photography area.