Click Magazine Feature & Becoming A CLICK Pro

Summertime as an Arizona photographer, especially a food/details photographer,  offers many chances to experiment with personal projects and trying new things. For me, that involved a lot of new adventure! July has been a big month for me personally and professionally. You may have already heard my family and I downsized into an apartment these past 2 weeks. My husband has future goals of finding a ministry job, so we are preparing ourselves financially and otherwise for a shift sometime in the next year or two. It continually takes work for me to be optimistic about the unforeseen future. Uncertainty of how to run a business and family in this "quaint" place is real. For now, I continue to reach out into the local AZ community, and look for ways to grow my art in the ways I love. Luckily, Arizona is full of creative businesses excited to grow!

Click Magazine Feature

click magazine
click magazine

July welcomed my second article in Click Magazine. The process started earlier in the year, talking with the editor in chief about article ideas. I was so excited to hear the CEO would love to pursue my idea of featuring local farms and farmers markets.

I am so appreciative of the farms that made my most recent article possible, The Simple Farm and The Littlest Farm. Both are local, and are led by 2 ladies who have taught me so much. If you've read my article, I hope it touched you and inspired you in some way. The response I have received so far has been amazing!

(Featured images are below)

CLICK Pro Acceptance

Some other big news is my  acceptance as a CLICK Pro through Click & Company. While all of the crazy is going on around us, photography is definitely my outlet and my "go-to" since I love to scrapbook for my kids as well.

I have had a long-time goal of applying to CM, but was always a little scared since I always had a hard time admitting I was a "professional". The word seemed so official. People have asked me before what photography school I went to, or what gear I used, as if a certain camera or degree on the wall made me a "real" photographer. Sorry friends, I have a degree in Science. :)

I set an August 1st deadline for me to build the portfolio of 150 images they required, and to apply to become a CLICK Pro. Mid July rolled around and I was in a mood of "whatever happens, happens"! I applied and only told a few local friends and my husband.

Luckily for me, I am not so crazy, and the people at CLICK saw something in my 153 image portfolio. They graded it based on their 7 criteria, grading me on a scale of 1-6. 6 is the best!

  • Exposure Triangle: 5
  • Color and White Balance: 6
  • Use of Light: 5
  • Composition and Posing: 5
  • Processing Cohesion and Polish: 5
  • Technical Basics (focus, DOF): 5
  • Creativity, Expression and Intention: 5

My score was enough to approve my application, and I can't be more excited to see what this holds for me. I will get to network even more with photographers all over, and learn new skills. It really is exciting to have a close supportive group of ladies who believe in you. Thanks again to the AZ supporters, those of you who have followed, writing me telling me you loved my article or have bought my eBook. I talk to some of you in the private help group, and others I see at local workshops. Thank you!

What about you?

Who supports you in your goals? Do you enjoy learning about photography? Do you follow any other Click Pro's who inspire you?

Below you can see some of the images that were and weren't included in the magazine, but I loved them all. I don't envy magazine editors who have to make the tough decisions on what to include in a magazine every issue...what a task! Happy Monday everyone.

click pro, farm shoot
click pro, farm shoot