The Story In The Picture, Feature 1

Every Wednesday night I will be posting a special series all about the "Story In The Picture". I hope you will check back every Wednesday night for this fun feature of an image or two with the "behind" happenings you would not have known about.


I participate in several online photography groups, and one of them is centered around light.

Photography is all about the light. Whether there is a lot of it, or just a little, it can change everything about a photo. I also love the story of an image. What you see, your mind makes up its own story, but the photographer knows the real story.

I submitted a shot for this month, and over 140 people liked it, so it got me thinking I could share the stories behind some of my shots more often. The storytelling part is so much fun.

So tonight, I hope you enjoy this story in the picture...or in this case, 2 pictures because I love them both.  :)

We had spent the day together, and wandered the mall, stopping at one of my favorite stores: Pottery Barn. I admittedly can't really afford my Pottery Barn tastes, but I can afford the potpourri. If I can't have one of their luxurious couches, maybe I can sit on mine, taking in the aroma of their amazing Fall-colored potpourri. 

I snagged a bag and brought it home. That evening I was conjuring up an idea about how to photograph it, and it came to me. I have a love affair with hands, and the only people I have around me are my kids. My oldest daughter (7) had just turned off the water to her shower, and I said: 
"Dry off, and put this dress on. I need you to be my hand model before the sun goes down." Since I got my first camera when she was 1, this was nothing new to her. The dress actually was a few sizes too small, so she put it on without zipping it up. Her hair was still wet, no shoes on her feet, and only a few minutes of light. 

She appeased me, letting me practice with different angles...standing in the cool grass as the sun set.