A Valentine For My Veteran

I don't normally start thinking about Valentines Day so early in the year, but this year is a little different. If you can't already tell from my minimalist style of food/product photography, we live more on the simple side of things. Our morning routines aren't extravagant, and when it comes to giving gifts, we stick to small thoughtful things or date nights. This year, however, I have surprised my Valentine a few weeks early with something he regularly wears...a watch!

jord watch


My husband, who is a Marine Veteran, is also more of a simple guy. Gifting him this gorgeous Jord Watch is certainly a special treat for him, since there are two things he rarely leaves the house without: his watch and his belt. Can any other military wives relate?

Every morning, he grabs these few staples and is off for his long 12-hour shifts at work.

jord watch


In speaking with him about his new watch, he is most impressed with the artistry and wood it took to create it, the inner-workings of the watch he can see, and its accuracy in keeping time.

Jord also happens to offer engraving and many styles your loved one might like for their unique wood watch. What's even more exciting is they are offering a gift card giveaway for anyone interested in choosing a wood watch for their special valentine this year! Everyone will receive $25 to use on the Jord site, and one lucky person will win $100! Hurry, because the giveaway ends on January 22nd!

I hope you all will enter and appreciate these beautiful wood watches for years to come. Thanks for visiting the blog today!