Story In The Picture- A Still Life Series

Now that the new website has been sent off like a ship on its maiden voyage, I am able to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the feedback from all of you who have visited. I appreciate you taking the time to read my last blog post of 2016 all about the fun things to happen in this new year.

2017 is surely off to a great start. This month I get to photograph some handmade marshmallows for a new local marshmallow catering service. Whose event WOULDN'T want one of those?!

I am also continuing to mentor and shoot for Amazon Restaurants, but my real hope is to stretch myself personally.

You may recall every Tuesday and Thursday I am sharing a theme for a photography challenge, and already yesterday's breakfast shots thoroughly impressed me.

Tonight I continue my Wednesday night series of "A Story In The Picture"...maybe you caught my first post? I am excited to share my second post, and the story behind it.




  I recently visited one of my favorite historical towns, Sonoma, CA. This town never fails, and every time I come, there are a few shops I have to visit.

The town streets are bordered with adorable story-book-type shops, each one with character and a story. I frequent the cheese shop, because my family is obsessed with all things cheesy. The park is a favorite destination for my kids, and the old buildings and shop trinkets catch my eye.

This time, while dodging the rain as it started to sprinkle down, this ice cream shop sign caught my eye. The black lettering across the white stood out, and I immediately craved a big cone of Rocky Road, but alas, the shop was not open. Maybe next time, ice cream shop.