Story In The Picture- A Still Life Series

I am excited to share another image in the "Story In The Picture" series. 

This time, I have a simple shot of a few Charming Charlie jewelry pieces I was using in a mentoring session. 

As you may know, I offer 2 or 4 hour sessions, but this one was a quicker 2 hour session with a wedding photographer who already has amazing photography skills! These kinds of sessions always raise my insecurities because I get worried I can't help them with anything new.

However, every time I meet a seasoned photographer, we both walk away energized and rejuvenated with a new perspective. 

What you don't know about this shot is that our mentoring session happened in public, outside of a Barnes and Noble. I brought some paper, clip board, cupcakes, cake and several other details/props to practice with. In natural light, on a table and chairs, we practiced together. We didn't care who stopped to watch.