A Farm Supper

Tucked away in the hustle and bustle of Scottsdale is my favorite local farm, The Simple Farm. While there are several farms I love, this one is one of the first AZ farms I found, about 5 years ago, and I have great memories there.

The farm is run by many hard-working hands, but Lylah is the owner and visionary who aims to create a place for people to "grow, create and gather".

A couple of months ago, I was blessed enough to visit her farm one evening she was hosting her amazing "farm suppers" with Kitchen West of The Scottsdale Resort catering it. I got there as they were preparing some of the food, the table was already set.

Before the guests were arriving, I took in the ambiance, the lit torches and beautiful table settings...the chef and his staff we hard at work starting the appetizers.

The evening came quick, and everything surrounding the table became dark, except for the table, being lit by a big chandelier and the surrounding torches in the garden.

Lylah and her husband led everyone in a prayer for the meal, discussions about family traditions at the supper table, and favorite meals they grew up with. Each person had their own story, and under the lights, with big portions of delectable food, the supper was surely a night to remember.

farm dinner
farm dinner