Story In The Picture- With Paige Poppe

A little different kind of "story in the picture" tonight, because I usually only tell the story of one image.

But, tonight I have several I want to share, because the time I spent with Paige Poppe was so memorable! I recently met with this talented Scottsdale artist, and her art was so cheerful and memorizing.

Entering an artist's studio, each one is so personal and unique. Every artist has their style and methods, and seeing the place where they develop their art is so inspiring. Before this session, I had never seen such colorful desert scenes and florals being used on wood, paper stationery and more. Paige Poppe really has a talent I witnessed firsthand.

Paige has a smile that lit the whole place up. As we chatted about art and small business ownership, she sketched a few ideas and added some strokes to a painting already in process. 

These images are just a few from our time, so be sure to follow her work online and visit her at a local show sometime. You will be so glad you did!

I am so thankful to her for allowing me this chance to feature her work, and I look forward to working with more creatives in 2017.