Small Business Food Photography: JPP Apothecary

The foodie-environment here in Arizona is so abundant. Having been involved with businesses locally for the past 5+ years, I have come to know many creatives growing their businesses. They have been changing branding and focus, all while producing high quality and locally sourced products. Sometimes they need stock images to use flexibly on social media, and sometimes they need actual shots of their products. 

JPP Apothecary is one of those businesses!

I met the owner, Shelly, about 4 years ago through my time at The Simple Farm and Gilbert Farmers Market. They are big believers in "nose to tail"
production and use of local + organically grown resources..I love that they aim to use every part of the animal that they can. 

food photographer

JPP Apothecary's products are not only high quality, but delicious and health-conscious. They truly love educating their customers about the benefits of bone broth, and other products they sell. What is even more amazing is they ship and do home deliveries! 

Check out several of the shots I took of their products, and consider sharing their site with a friend. Shelly is eager to hear how her bone broths have changed your life too. 

food photographer

Thank you to JPP Apothecary for sharing their products and time with me also.