Shooting Home Interiors; Arizona Interior Designers

Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to work with a handful of interior designers who all have their own sense and style of interior design. Here in Arizona, we are blessed with awesome weather most of the year, and since we have to avoid high temperatures for about half of the year, our homes become a refuge. 

Kristen of The LifeStyled Company is one of those designers I love to work with because her style is very bright, light and clean. She likes to incorporate wood touches, ship-lap, subway tiles,  and one of my favorites: patterns. Her eye for details fits my obsession with details, and I knew after photographing this last house, I would have to blog about it!

interior home details

For this home, I happened to be leaving as they did the reveal to the homeowner. She walked in, turned around with tears streaming and said "Is this really my home?" I wasn't even the designer/home renovator, and I got butterflies and teary!

interior details photographer
interior design

How special to be a home designer here in Arizona, and make a difference for families looking to update and have a place to call a refuge. Thank you to all of my designer-friends that have come to trust me this year. I can't wait for more projects in the future.