Story In The Picture; A Still Life Series


This is a series post that I try to keep up with every Wednesday evening. Feel free to browse past posts to see more like this.


Still details can hit you when you least expect it. Has this happened to you? I hope you will check out this shot I took this week, and comment below with your feedback or thoughts on the story in this picture. <3

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The picture: 

The story: 

The 7th anniversary of moving to Arizona is coming up next week. Did you know I have "a thing" for remembering certain dates and events that happen on certain days. I just love to think about what may have happened in my life "on this day" so many years ago. 

Well, the first week of May in 2010, I stepped foot for the first time in AZ, and I had never seen so many cactus plants in my life. The heat was unbearable (in my mind) and the only thing I was excited about was embarking on our new AZ adventure in the Marine Corps. Over these past 7 years, I have always said how much I hate cactus and rocks, and how I much prefer forests or beaches. 

However, for the first time (these last few months), I have started to fall in love with attributes of Arizona. That even means that sometimes I'll be driving down a neighborhood street, notice the bright colored door, and a cute cactus trying to steal the attention of onlookers. 

Who would have thought I would ever use the words "cute" and "cactus" in the same sentence. But, can't you agree, this burnt orange color and tones in the cactus play off of each other so well. Look for fun colors and textures the next time you are out and about.