Summer Snacking Made Easy

Living in a hot climate that reaches triple digits for 8 months out of the year, our lives are adapted to life outdoors, and also indoors. Our communities have splash pads and pools everywhere you look, and with this lifestyle outdoors with kids, we are always on the go. Most of the time that means we have snacks and drinks with us wherever we go. 

pool time snack


Re-play is a brand I have been purchasing items from for the past few years, and their dishes make snacking a lot more safe and easy for my kids! The added bonus is their products are environmentally friendly and durable for long wear and tear kids can do. And the cups don't spill!

We often love to picnic at the park with fruits and veggies, so these dishes are easily thrown in a bag when we are done!

Made from recycled milk jugs, these plastic dishes are BPA free, and FDA approved...not to mention made in the USA! 

brand photography

I love these sets so much because they are

  • travel friendly-super durable
  • easily found at many store nearby
  • simple to wash and clean
  • friendly for poolside/water parks 
  • come in a bunch of colors!
  • have a small production footprint and are created from something recycled!

I hope you will go check out their site, and also follow me on Instagram for some more behind the scenes shots and products I love sharing. 

Have a great Tuesday!