Lemonade Spritzers & Summer Engagement Styling

I recently held a beginning product/food photography mentoring session with a wonderful lady named Gina! She was so fun to meet, and I was humbled by all of the tidbits she was eager to learn from me as we worked together with a few props...mostly flowers, lemons and cake. With our cake we served a yummy "Lemon Spritzer"...and all it took was some lemonade and champagne! Those are a few of my favorite things...cue the Sound of Music.

Please enjoy these few shots during our session together, and also try mixing these ingredients for lemon spritzers of your own...perfect for a brunch or summer treat!


Lemon Spritzers

Champagne, Lemonade, Lemon slices, Ice (optional)

In a pitcher, combine lemonade and champagne in a 1:1 ratio! Add all other ingredients...enjoy~!


Lemonade Spritzers


styled lemonade engagementstyled lemonade engagement


After taking some table shots, we also ventured outside in the golden hour of the evening to photograph the lemons. It was so warm outside!


Thank you Gina for being so fun to work with..I enjoyed helping you.


styled lemonade engagement