Working With Other Photographers

I take it as a compliment that 2 local photographers recently asked me to photograph their items. As photographers, Stefani Bullard Photography and Terah Lake Photography both give their clients the gift of beautiful artwork. Their images don't just sit on discs, but instead are printed in beautiful mounted prints, bamboo prints, acrylic mounted prints, and canvases. The albums they offer and other extras were such high quality and had gorgeous textures. I loved working with Stefani Bullard because her images and products were so classy and easy to look at. Her talent for capturing dancers is evident, and as she continues to partner with more studios around the Phoenix area, I know she will be helping more dancers get their talent noticed through prints as well. Parents of the dancers must be so proud and excited to have her prints hanging on their walls!

Stefani Bullard Photography


I surely loved working with Terah Lake as well...I was captivated by the joy found in the faces of the seniors pictured in her products. Not only does she have class, but such talent in posing the seniors! She knows how to give those families memorable moments of that special time in their graduates' life.

Senior Photography with Terah Lake

Thank you to both Terah and Β Stefani for letting me play with your beautiful works of art...anyone who hires you two for their memories is blessed.